Explore A Private Cave & Hiking Trails

Greig’s Caves is a true testament to mother natures power. Enormous caves carved from rock formations hundreds of millions of years ago are ripe for exploration. The Bruce Peninsula has the uncanny ability to constantly surprise you and Greig’s Caves is no exception. A 1 hour hike begins with an ample size parking lot and washroom facilities. Begin your adventure along well travelled trails with stunning views of Georgian Bay a short distance away. There will be many opportunities for photos along your route so be sure that you have your phone charged or your camera is at your side. The trail concludes at the entrance way to the caves. Find yourself engulfed in a massive cavern - no risk of claustrophobia here. Be sure to bring your hiking shoes or sneakers as flip flops are not allowed - the trail is rocky and uneven in parts. We also recommend a walking stick.

1-3 hours of Amazing Self Guided Touring Find Deep Ancient Caves to Explore Natural Trails that lead to Incredible Locations and Views General Admission - No Timing Required

Greigs Caves