Kokoro Salt Cave

Downtown Owen Sound is full of surprises. None more so surprising than Kokoro Salt Cave. Enter the front doors and feel the immediate calming sensation pass over you. Himilayan salt lines the walls, ceiling and floor creating an intoxicating sense of relaxation. What you do with your time inside the cave is your own. Quiet reflection in a zero gravity chair, peaceful meditation on a mat, or time to finally catch up on some reading. The benefits of the salt cave are passive by nature leaving you to detox in the way that suits you. Floatation therapy gifts you with a full decompression from the stresses of everyday life. Find yourself in complete isolation - floating weightlessly in complete darkness. Depriving yourself of the senses that your body depends on and allowing your mind to drift. Celebrities and athletes alike commonly endorse floatation therapy - come in and see why at Kokoro Salt Cave.