Morn' Delight @ The Keady Market


If you travel to step out of your ordinary routine - to experience something new, vibrant and interesting - then a stop at Keady Market might be the spot for you. The market is open Tuesdays from 7AM - 2PM during the summer months, and located in the middle of a farming community just 10km north of Owen Sound.

Over 250 vendors pack in early in the morning - making this one of Ontario’s Largest Farmers Markets! It’s worth noting - Keady Market is a Livestock trading market.

Live animals are traded inside covered buildings and out of site of the vendors. If you are sensitive to this Keady Market isn't the place for you. Keady Market is 10 minutes North of Owen Sound, or about 30 minutes from Sauble Beach. Grey Road 3 heads straight there off of highway 21 - and just a few minutes to the West of Chatsworth.

Parking is relatively easy - a gate access off of Grey Road 3 or parking access on the perpendicular County Road 16. The first landmark you will notice is the large barn building on the North-West corner of the intersection.

The vendors are eclectic and fun. From selling second hand books out of the back of an old station to vintage coca cola signs there is something for everyone. Hand carved wooden furniture and Amish crafted goods are fun to look at and a great addition to your home or patio.

Fresh flowers or and a selection of home made knickknacks. Wandering around Keady Markets goods section will have you feeling like you’re on a treasure hunt without a map.

The real reason farmers markets are so great is that they are your source to the freshest vegetables available. An entire row is dedicated to fresh produce - from lettuce heads and other greens, to vibrant red green and yellow peppers. Stocking up on your weeks vegetables will leave you feeling good about your groceries and have you supporting local community farmers.

Be sure to ask the vendor where their produce is grown - they will happily show you exactly what is made closest to home. Finally - Keady Market attracts artisan creators of all types. From cured meats and cheeses that will have your charcuterie board on point to bread and pastries that will satisfy your cravings. All in all - you can easily spend a couple hours at Keady Market without missing a beat.

It’s a fun and unique way to spend a Tuesday Morning while on vacation and is a great way to learn about what produce is grown locally in Ontario. Remember that the market is entirely outdoors and weather should definitely factor into your plans.

A Farmer's Market Bigger Than A Farm!