The 3 Best Ways to See The Grotto


The Grotto is known as one of the “must see” spots on the Bruce Peninsula. People travel north by the (litteral) busload to visit the provincial park. Why? Amazing crystal clear turquoise waters, the gorgeous natural rock formation and the pool of crisp Georgian Bay water that rests inside. There is more than one way to view the Grotto - each giving a unique perspective on the geography. Continue reading for the pros and cons of each opportunity, and why you may want to try two, or maybe three different ways!

Hike To The Grotto By Foot The most obvious, most known and most well travelled way to see The Grotto is by foot. Bruce Peninsula National Park offers year round access with parking, accessible trails and infrastructure that makes for a pleasant experience. Parking is reserved in advance using the Ontario Provincial Parks Website linked on the third page of this article. Advance reservations are necessary most days throughout the spring and summer. These reservations are in place to control the amount of people that can access the site to help preserve it for future travellers. A short walk of about 30 minutes gets you from the main parking areas to the Grotto. A mixture of well packed, well travelled pathways and boardwalks leads the way and emerges at a clearing of rock and water. The views are sensational - cascading rocks ease down to the edge of Georgian Bay. A short hike up and over a rock face reveals the main attraction - peering down 20 feet into a crevice.

See The Grotto By Boat One of the best ways to visit the Grotto is by Boat. Tobermory is known for World Class Boat Tours. The most popular of them visit Flowerpot Island and hover overtop of famous shipwrecks in Tobermory’s Big Tub Harbour. Two tours out of Tobermory’s Little Tub Harbour however make an extended journey down the coastline of Georgian Bay. Passing by several kilometres of beautiful rock faces, protected inlets, bays, and come to pass by The Grotto. Seeing the Grotto by boat is one of the best ways to see the action from a perspective that is unlike most - Watching the crowds on the shoreline, watching the kids leaping off the rocks into the water below, and seeing directly into the amazing open cave. As a bonus - Tobermory Wave also visits a second amazing spot that very few travellers have experienced - the incredible Cave Point - a rock face over 100 feet tall with a massive cavern inside and visible only from the waters of Georgian Bay.

EXPERIENCE The GROTTO & More By Air! Seeing the Grotto by Air is by far the most unique way to take in the sights of Bruce Peninsula National Park, and the Bruce Peninsula as a whole! With two air-bound operators providing flights over The Grotto - Owen Sound Flight Services and Blue Heron Heli Tours. Owen Sound Flight Services is fantastic because it can save you the long journey up Highway 6 and showcase a great deal more of the Peninsula than you would ordinarily have the ability to see. The tour originates out of Owen Sound, and travels west towards the Huron shores - flying high above Sauble Beaches beautiful golden sands, up and over the fishing islands, over miles of protected land and then circling overtop of Tobermory. Then the tour reverts back towards the south - passing by Flowerpot Island and then overtop of the Grotto. This is definitely the best way to see the ENTIRE peninsula.

Read more about the journey HERE Blue Heron Heli Tours offers tours directly out of Tobermory - giving you the convenience to see the Grotto from a unique perspective with a much shorter time commitment. If you’ve never experienced a flight in a helicopter it should absolutely be on your to do list. The feeling of floating in place above the land is incredible on its own, combine that with unparalleled views of Tobermory, Flowerpot Island and The Grotto and you’ve got a recipe for an unbelievable adventure on the Bruce.

The Grotto Is A World Class Site To See!