Take a stroll through Cape Chin - just north of Lions Head and down a country road. And that country road turns into another country road. And one or two more country roads. But at the end of S bends, Beautiful farmland landscapes, and hundreds of cows you end up at an entrance point to The Bruce Trail.

This isn’t just any entrance point. The Devils Monument Trail is a short 10 minute walk through dense forests edging towards Georgian Bay. As you explore you come across a stone ledge lookout point - peering over you see the main attraction. The Devils Monument is a towering stone “flowerpot” like those of the famous Flowerpot Island. It sits about 50 metres inland from the edge of Georgian Bay and is over 40 feet tall.

Edge down a steep rugged staircase and onto rubble and boulders that make up the basin to the monument. Glare upward from the North and South as it appears to change shape as you change angles- each side giving a unique perspective on the impressive statue.

The Devils Monument isn’t the only thing to explore on this short trail. Check out hundreds of naturally fed streams emerge from the rock faces like tiny waterfalls creates beautiful music to compliment your time in nature, and a unique backdrop to your hike. Travel not much further for the trail to open up to a gorgeous polished stone beach of crystal clear waters, and views to the distant bluffs of Cape Chin. This is often an isolated part of The Bruce so bring a bathing suit and towel to take a refreshing dip in Georgian Bay.

Devils Monument is definitely a Hi Bruce! Best Thing to Do!