Alpaca Farm Tour

Join Val - along with Rio, Cola, Ava , Aria, Lalita, Lily, Diamond, Corina and Lotto- at Random Ranch. the Bruce Peninsula's favourite Alpaca Tour! Get up close and personal with the most wonderful animals you never knew you needed in your life. Run your hand through the fabric of their fur and observe their playful ways as they lounge in the sun, play in the shade or roll in the mud. Get ready for the experience of the year as you get to lead the friendly giants on a walk around the enclosure. Val is a life long farm hand - and loves sharing her knowledge about these interesting animals with a unique past. From what they do, to what they eat, where they come from and where they are going! Get a photo taken with your new best friend in the beautiful and picturesque scenery of Cape Chin. Strike your best Alpaca-pose and get a brag-worthy instagram shot that will have all your followers wanting more. Learn about the benefits of Alpaca fibre products - from socks, to knitted goods and many things in between. Alpaca fibre has a host of advantages over traditional wools and cottons. The Random Ranch has a full range of products grown and sheared right there on the land - offering a sustainable and local shopping experience. A 90 minute tour of Random Ranch is a can’t miss experience on The Bruce Peninsula! Stop on route up to Tobermory, or take a short drive from your cottage in Lions Head.

Up Close and Personal Experience with Alpacas Take the lead as you Walk an Alpaca Experience Life on an Alpaca Farm Explore the Alpaca Products at The Random Ranch Store