Explore The Beautiful Bruce Peninsula

The Bruce Peninsula is a blade of land that extends north from the southwestern side of Georgian Bay creating the definition between Lake Huron and the deep waters of the bay. The land as a whole is sparsely populated. A mixture of fertile farming soil inland with cottages lining the coastline on the eastern and western sides. The drastic landscape was carved out hundreds of millions of years ago in a time where the region was submerged in sea water. The result today is rugged cliff faces, deep water bays, world class beaches and dense growth. Driving north on Highway 6 is a deceiving feeling. Surrounding you on all sides is farmland. Hay, vegetables, and cattle set the scene for a trip like the pastured land of Nova Scotia. Rolling hills, long laneways and a single lane road travelled at a calmed and relaxed pace. Leave your led boots at home - this journey is about taking in every detail of where you come from to where you’re going. Know that gleaming out the window to either side, just beyond sight is a waiting adventure.