The Food Of The BRUCE Will DELIGHT You!

The Bruce Peninsula is a diverse region, full of delicious destinations far and near. From the perfectly crisp fries of Sauble Beach to the In The Woods Experience in Red Bay, the food on the Bruce Peninsula will keep you coming back for more.

Let Us Suggest...

Admire The Devils Monument

Take a stroll through Cape Chin - just north of Lions Head and down a country road. And that country road turns into another country road. And one or two more country roads. But at the end of S bends, Beautiful farmland landscapes, and hundreds of cows you end up at an entrance point to The Bruce Trail.

Greig's Caves

Greig’s Caves is a true testament to mother natures power. Enormous caves carved from rock formations hundreds of millions of years ago are ripe for exploration. The Bruce Peninsula has the uncanny ability to constantly surprise you and Greig’s Caves is no exception. A 1 hour hike begins with an ample size parking lot and washroom facilities. Begin your adventure along well travelled trails with stunning views of Georgian Bay a short distance away. There will be many opportunities for photos along your route so be sure that you have your phone charged or your camera is at your side.

Flame Spinning Entertainment

Watch Vita “The Spinning Diva” as she provides unique entertainment at your cottage retreat! Vita incorporates incredible tools into her very visual performances. At your next dinner party or bonfire enjoy a 20 minute performance of Flaming Flow Arts set to music that compliments.

Watch as she creates art out of a flaming hoola hoop, a batton and or staff! The flames will contrast against the backdrop of the sunset and create the perfect atmosphere to impress your guests, entertain the kids or just sit back and enjoy all to yourself.

Flow Arts In-Cottage Experience

Locally famous Vita The Twirlin’ Diva is a woman of many talents. The way she likes to put it - anything that spins, grooves or flows! Visually - her performances will blow your mind - watch as the flames of her torches blend into the dusk skyline and create designs that hover in mid air.

The best part - this is your opportunity to learn from the best! For the first time - The Twirlin’ Diva is offering amazing In-Cottage workshops so that you can paint the sky to your heart's content (No need to bring your aloe - flames not included!)

Micro Farm Tour

Meet Teresa and Craig! Two Peninsulites who love to do nothing more than march to the beat of their own drum! Join them as they showcase the wonderful world of the self supporting ecosystem that they have created on their land.

Explore A Private Cave

The Bruce Peninsula is filled with so much wonder and natural beauty - from the well known spots like The Grotto and Sauble Beach, to the lesser known spots like Devils Monument and Halfway Log Dump. These private caves on The Bruce Peninsula are as unique and fascinating as the best of them!


Kayak Guided Tours of The Sauble River

Join Tour Guide Jeff as you explore on The Sauble River. Jeff is a long time Kayak enthusiast, and Bruce Peninsula expert! Allow him to show you the sights and scenery of one of the many Bruce Peninsula rivers as he tours you along the beautiful shoreline

A Hi Bruce! Guided kayak Tour consists of a kayak and paddle rental along with all necessary safety equipment. Gear is transported for you to the entrance point of the tour, where all you need to do is arrive and get going!

In-Cottage Mini Yoga Retreat

Join Emily as she guides you through a full and complete mini-retreat right in the comfort of your cottage backyard. Whether in the woods of Lions Head, the coves of Tobermory or the beaches of Sauble - Emily will be your spiritual guide on a journey into self reflection, self awareness and self improvement.

Gleason Brook Pottery Studio Tour

Join Master Potter Timothy Smith in his personal in-home studio and gallery. Timothy is a Potter of more than 34 years and has been operating his studio out of beautiful and scenic Oxenden on The Bruce Peninsula for more than 20.