In-Cottage Mini Yoga Retreat

Join Emily as she guides you through a full and complete mini-retreat right in the comfort of your cottage backyard. Whether in the woods of Lions Head, the coves of Tobermory or the beaches of Sauble - Emily will be your spiritual guide on a journey into self reflection, self awareness and self improvement.

Emily is a traditionally trained Yoga instructor with over 500 combined hours of student experience at world renowned Kranti Yoga and Sampoorna Yoga in India. She combines her international training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow to create a holistic retreat that engages and inspires.

Beginning the 3 hour In-Cottage Retreat Journey consist of a welcome ceremony with cleansing tea. Use this time to discuss with Emily the goals of the day and what benefits are being sought after. Bridge into guided meditation - your mind will be eased into a sense of total relaxation and zen.

Emily will share her expertise and passion with you through history, purpose, and objectives. From warm up to skill building - Yoga sessions will be thoughtfully sporadic throughout your In-Cottage Retreat Journey. Relaxing Yoga Flow sessions will be placed to maintain your serenity throughout the experience.

This Hi Bruce! Exclusive In-Cottage Mini Retreat will be the perfect beginning or end to your journey on The Bruce. Whether on a girls trip looking for new experiences, an escape from busy work life and looking to find your centre, or a masterful Yoga enthusiast who can’t miss a day's practice - this unique adventure will be sure to please.

The Retreat Comes to You 3 Hour Experience Includes 2 Yoga Sessions, Meditation and More! Led by Masterful Yoga Instructor Emily