FALL into An Amazing Trip to The Bruce Peninsula

Fall in Tobermory

Life is hard. And for so many of us we don’t get to travel as much as we would like to. The good news- We can all carve out one day and make the absolute most of it. Up early - in late. Follow along to this itinerary and you will not be disappointed. The Bruce Peninsula is a hot spot for travellers looking to enjoy the peak of Ontario’s natural beauty - but September and October offer a unique opportunity. Tours are still active for the season, but you can also feel that you have the beauty all to yourself. 1. Leave early. There’s lots to do! 2. The adventure starts as soon as you leave the GTA. Make the most of it! 3. Eat Local. Farm fresh, local taste, and it helps small towns grow! 4. Don’t rush. Take your time - drive slow so you can take in everything around you. 5. This itinerary is a recipe not an equation. Leave a stop out, add a stop that you found along the way. Add as much spice as you like it’s your recipe now.

Directions: Prefer GPS? Skip this paragraph and go straight to the good stuff. The route is straight forward - Drive north on the 410 through Brampton. the 410 turns into 10, which guides you through the beautiful hills of Caledon. A quick lateral trip on highway 89 through Shelbourne and a right turn back onto Highway 10 and head North West north for about 90km until you hit Rockford - just a moment south of Owen Sound. Make a left on Country Road 18 and a Right to continue on 18. Continue Northbound as it connects back to Highway 6&10 and drive straight towards Hepworth. Veer right at the lights in Hepworth to continue on Highway 6. From there it’s smooth sailing North to Tobermory. Prefer the scenic route? Instead of turning left at Rockford, travel through beautiful Owen Sound and connect on the far end with County Road 1 - this hugs the shoreline past parkland, cliffs, rolling hills and views of Georgian Bay. Connect to Highway 6 in Wiarton and continue on your journey North.

On-Route Stop 1 (15 minutes): Highland Grounds Coffee 8 Toronto Rd, Flesherton, ON N0C 1E0 Opens at 6:30am This charming Flesherton coffee shop is located in one of the first towns passed through after Shelburne. Charming and eclectic - offering a quick stop to grab your coffee of choice. Street parking out front is usually available during the off season.

Stop 2 (45 minutes): Kettles Back Home Cookin’ 317239 Hwy 6&10, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6 Opens at 7am Breakfast - The most important meal of the day. This is your opportunity to eat like the locals eat. Kettles Back Home Cookin’ sits just south of Chatsworth. A country style cook house with rustic farmhouse interior does comfort food right. Breakfast potatoes 3 ways, all breakfast essentials from waffles to french toast or Eggs Benedict. All the goods of your standard run of the mill metropolitan brunch - but sub the pretension for charm. This is a meal to kickstart a fun filled day.

Stop 3 (2.5 hours): The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park Cyprus Lake Rd, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0 The Grotto is arguably the most iconic point in the Bruce Peninsula. A trip here is not complete without the short hike from the daytime parking lot to the magical semi-submerged caves. Wander around the trails, hike to the rock overhangs, or if you’re brave dip your feet in the frigid autumn waters of Georgian Bay. No matter where you are standing on the beautiful scenic rock formation a look in any direction makes the day worth while. The crystal clear waters make for amazing photographs - and the mid day sun pierces through them to the rocky bottom. You can spend hours here- but you can spend years in the Bruce Peninsula and still find more beauty around each corner. Note: Check availability online for parking on Weekends - September and October are generally less crowded however a weekend can still become busy.

Stop 4 (2.5 hours): Little Tub Harbour, Tobermory Shops, galleries, restaurants, views, and boats coming in and out as the day goes on. Journey around the bay on foot - stopping into the shops and galleries. Find art of all disciplines at one of the many galleries and see how the local geography inspires the artists. Note: Municipal parking is located at the base of Little Tub Harbour, Nicholas Street and Highway 6, on Legion Street, and street parking throughout the city.Give yourself extra time on busy weekends to find a parking spot.

Stop 5 (1 hour): Shipwreck Lees Pirate Bistro, Tobermory 2 Bay St, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0 For fresh fish and chips in Tobermory be sure to check out Shipwreck Lees. All you can eat options served fresh and piping hot! Sit down in their rustic outdoor setting for drinks bay side. The servers or “Pirates” are known to be fun and friendly while maintaining character throughout your meal. Not a fan of fish and chips? Try Tobermory Brewing Company at 28 Bay St, Tobermory for Burgers, salads and more! We recommend a long walk following your all-you-can-eat adventure before the drive home. There are a number of options you can enjoy based on your preference - two that we recommend to tie up an amazing day trip to Tobermory are: Walking from Shipwreck Lees down along the North side of the harbour - past Blue Heron Outfitting Company will bring you to the parking lot of the famous MS Chi Cheemaun - the ferry across Lake Huron to South Baymouth in Manitoulin Islands. Time your day properly and you can watch the ship come into port every day at 1:10pm and 5:50pm. The mouth of the ship opens vertically for cars to exit and creates quite a spectacle. Singing Sands Beach is a secluded sandy beach that extends out from Dorcas Bay along Dorcas Bay Road. It is roughly a 12 minute drive from Tobermory and offers exceptional western views of the setting sun. If it’s a sunny day the water will have warmed enough to encourage you to dip your feet in.