Flowerpot and Grotto Boat Tour

This Tour from Tobermory Wave Adventures is not one to be missed! Depart from Little Tub Harbour in Tobermory and travel outward towards the beautiful and scenic Flowerpot Island. Tour around the Flowerpots and get a unique view of the landmarks that few get to experience. See the sights of Fathom Five National Marine Park before heading south to see one of Canada's National prides - the famous Grotto. Get up close and personal as you’ll feel like the boat is going to nudge into the rocks. See an angle only travellers on board can experience with restrictions to Grotto access from land. Don’t miss this opportunity to take the ride of your life! Tobermory Wave prides itself in interesting commentary throughout the trip. Learn about the local ecology, the history, and the wildlife as you journey with them on this 2 hour boat tour.

Tobermory Wave Adventures