Meet Teresa and Craig! Two Peninsulites who love to do nothing more than march to the beat of their own drum! Join them as they showcase the wonderful world of the self supporting ecosystem that they have created on their land.

What is a self supporting ecosystem? By carefully researching and understanding the behaviours of animals, plants, and insects Teresa and Craig have grown, bred and acquired a perfect balance on their “tiny” farm. Each and every carefully selected creature has an important role to play as they inch closer and closer to living a fully self sustaining life for themselves and guests of their Bed and Breakfast. From bees that pollinate the plants that grow the vegetables to composting worms that create food for the chickens, and chickens that put eggs on the breakfast table. It’s all here! Learn about life-less-reliant.

All it takes is a beautiful drive into Cape Chin for this wonderful 90 minute tour. 15 minutes North of Lions Head or 30 minutes south of Tobermory. Teresa and Craig can’t wait to show you a peak into their lives in The Bruce Peninsula! This is a can't miss stop for anyone hiking Devils Monument.