203807 ON-26, Owen Sound
Owen Sound, ON N4K 5W4

The Sky is the limit in Bruce and Grey County! One guy tried to go higher, but strapping fire extinguishers to your feet, a hockey helmet on your head and yelling “BLAST OFF” didn’t have the lift we were expecting. So for now, we’ll call it quits at Bruce and Grey Counties beautiful blue skies. See the landscape the way so few have. Turn days of exploration and searching into 1 flight that sees it all. Owen Sound Flight Services offers the best way to see anything and everything in the Peninsula. From waterfalls from a birds eye view, the beaches of sauble, and the jaw dropping cliffs edges of the Peninsulas Eastern shoreline.

The small aircrafts offer every passenger a view they will never forget. Windows on all sides and trained pilots who know the peninsula like the back of their hand. Bring your camera, because you will want to remember every moment of this. A maximum of 3 people can go on this adventure of a lifetime. Remember - to calm yourself down from the excitement and reflect on all you’ve seen - when you’re done Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery is just a moment up the road.