Tom Thomson Gallery


With the ingrained culture of arts in Grey and Bruce it’s no wonder that there are some amazing galleries to check out. For generations locals and travellers alike have been inspired by the regions beauty.

One of the most infamous artists in all of Grey and Bruce is Tom Thompson. Known for aggressive brush strokes and heavy use of paint that he uses to create motion and context to still images - bringing the landscapes of The Bruce Peninsula to life.

Tom’s art is combined with installations of multiple varieties in the Tom Thomson Gallery - known in the community as “The Tom.” The venue is set immediately adjacent to the Owen Sound Public Library and parallels the Sydenham River as it starts to approach the mouth of Georgian Bay.

The building itself is modern, yet not abstract in any way. The entranceway is off First Avenue West with plenty of parking available on the street. You enter by donation - with a modest recommendation - stepping in to be greeted and explained the layout by a knowledgeable employee. Upstairs and to the left was the Tom Thompson exhibit - 20+ pieces of art hung on the wall with a large golden bust in his likeness.

There were books on the table outlining his life, and his association to the members of the famous Group of Seven. The next room is filled with unique art pieces that seem to blend the line between wall art and sculpture - skeletons framework of what seemingly is tree bark - back lit by lighting to create a warm orange glow that contrasts the neutral white walls. The most striking exhibit is visible as you step through into a great room - tall ceilings showcase an installation that is over 20 feet tall and blends the structure of a ship hull with native canadian iconic shapes.

As we visited, a new installation was being created in the final room - and I was able to peak in and see the small glimpses of the art being hung. I will not commit the crime of “spoilers” in this article, but from my quick glance I committed myself to visiting again before the end of the month as it opens.

For generations locals and travellers alike have been inspired by the regions beauty