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The home base for many travellers on The Bruce - from great shopping, to home style restaurants, and views of scenic Colpoys Bay.
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Hiking at Spirit Rock

As you enter Spirit Rock Provincial Park you are greeted first by a long single car laneway - Several kilometres through dense bush towards the escarpment edge. A clearing appears eventually and lush manicured fields start the journey...

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Not your usual “Blink and you missed it” town. Wiarton is small but packs a punch of history, culture, food and views. The downtown core stretches about 500 meters tip to tail and hosts many independent shops, grocers, and boutiques. Downtown is bustling with both locals and tourists most days in the summer as almost all north and south bound traffic passes through. Parklands hugs the bottom of Colpoys Bay and parallels the main street. It hosts a scenic mixture of greenery, waterfront and gorgeous views. It is also home to a landmark character of Ontario tradition - a furry face that some believe predicts the weather each and every spring.

One of the first things to notice as you come into Wiarton - on either side of you as you enter town you are greeted by beautiful towering victorian style homes. Well maintained and in tact to their original glory - most with their construction date proudly displayed. Many of these homes are operated as charming bed and breakfasts - welcoming guests 4 seasons and pampering them with a taste of small town hospitality. History is prevalent in architecture in all directions. One piece of history that peaks particular interest is located on the northern side of Wiarton - The Corran Ruins of Spirit Rock Provincial Park. A single lane dirt road winds its way into a field of manicured grass nestled in the trees at the edge of Colpoys Bay. Just a moments walk and you see it - the ruins of a mansion that once towered over the nearby bay. Stone and cement pillars frame what once was a 17 room mansion circa 1881.

Back in town, the central street to town - Berford Street, has a collection of shops, boutiques, gyms, and eateries to satisfy many tastes. Cottagers and travellers have long used Wiarton as the final stop for supplies before continuing on. Easily accessible to many popular areas such as Sauble Beach, Red Bay, Colpoys Bay and Lions Head it offers all necessities for your overnight stay. The grocery store - Foodland is busy through summer months with cottagers and locals alike. If you don’t mind an extra stop, head to the Northern side of town and pick up your BBQ sausages from Sullivans Butcher Shop or your lambchops at the wonderful Lambliscious. Take a stroll and stretch your legs after a long drive and stop into one of the clothing, souvenir or home stores. And to fill your tank - try The Green Door Cafe for a hot meal that is sure to impress (and a buttertart that is worth the journey on it’s own).

Bluewater Park steps offers views of sharp escarpment ledges with yachts and sailboats headed out into the depths of Georgian Bay. Within the parks limits is a campground, a private marina, and a jungle gym playground to keep kids entertained. Most notably within the park is a tall statue of Wiarton Willie - the Canadian iconic ground hog that calls the peaceful bayside town home. Early February marks the Wiarton Willie Festival. Dawned in royal purple cloaks and suits, on stage in front of thousands of onlookers the festivals hosts reveal Willie for his annual debute. As the tradition goes - Willie has the ability to predict if there will be 6 more weeks of winter or if we can expect for an early spring. The festival is complimented with sleigh rides, hockey tournaments and food vendors. It attracts Willie fans from all over to join in the oh-so-scientific process.

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